Kevin ‘ImaLuckSac’ MacPhee’s win for 1st bracelet

The ensuing massive confrontation saw Marasco, once again divided by dozens, against two of his shorter opponents. David ‘DrJayTrotter’ Bernsen had eight pockets for the lower pair, while Bode handled A Heart Suit Q Diamond Suit. Bode makes an ace full of deuces on the bank to secure the pot. Bersen cashed in $ 16,500 as a sixth finisher. Marasco remains the chip leader despite losing the hefty stacks on this hand.

Kevin MacPhee’s short stack pushed his final chip from under the gun holding A Diamond Suit Q Club Shirt and Bode called A Club Shirt 10 Diamond Suit. Ten spiked mode on the flip and held from there to catch MacPhee in fifth place. Two-time WSOP bracelet winner and European Tour Poker champion earned $ 22,389 for his latest in-depth run at a major event visit lapak303.

With blinds at 600,000-1,200,000 and a stakes of 150,000, Bode moved all-in from the small blind holding 10 Spades Suits7 Diamond Suits. Marasco is calling all-in for the last 5.2 million in A Heart Suit 6 Heart Suit from the big blind. Bode knocked down two pairs to take the lead, and Marasco nearly died after the turn. He was awarded $ 30,772 as a fourth place finisher.

Caitlin ‘KTUUUH’ Dillon dropped to just 1.5 big blinds by the time the next elimination happened. Frasca shoves it all from the little blind with J Spades Suit 2 Spades and Dillon calls K Spades Suit 8 Spades Suit. Downboard A Club Shirt 10 Club Shirt 2 Heart Suit 9 Heart Suit A Spades Suit and Frasca made aces and deuces to knock Dillon into third place ($ 42,603).

With that Frasca took an estimated 22.3 million in heads-up play against Bode, who saw him with over 13 million. The action continued fast and furious. Bode doubled with pocket threes against AK Frasca to take over the lead. In the last hand Bode pushed the all-in from the button with Q Diamond Suits7 Diamond Jackets and Frasca called A Club Shirts Q Club Shirts around 13.5 million. Runout 9 Spade Suits 7 Club Suits 3 Diamond Suits J Club Shirts 7 Spades Suits gives Bode trips to lock pots and titles. Frasca earned $ 59,952 as runner-up.