There’s no way Helene or Jeff can beat my Quad Kings with the Ace kicker

Together with other players who are closely watching the action (especially with the three kings on the board), they are eagerly awaiting the Turn card.

The twist is a disappointing 2c – “low rags”. This time, Judy wisely decided to try a raise. It seems like the smart thing to do to build “your” pots. After checking it out, Helene came up with what was at stake. Jeff screamed, just as Judy expected. Then Judy slowly finished her raise check.

After studying her hands, Helene got back up. Jeff reflected on the situation. Focusing on the already huge pot and then looking at his wilayahpoker business card, he yelled once more. But then … It certainly wasn’t a surprise: Judy got up again, making a bet of four; and two of his opponents called this last bet to see the River.

The river was extremely rare, in fact, the king of swords! That puts Quad Kings on the board. The odds of that happening are almost 50 to 1! Judy, acting first, pondered for a few moments, studied her pocket card, and looked at the two opponents as if trying to read their minds. The full kings of your aces will take the pot, the giant pot, using the ace kicker for the best five cards in the hand. You may have never considered that one or both of your two opponents could also have Ace in the hole.

I can imagine him thinking, optimistically, “There’s no way Helene or Jeff can beat my Quad Kings with the Ace kicker.”

With all the bets and raises, can you imagine the size of that pot? Judy made a bet on the River. Helene gets back up and Jeff makes a triple bet. Undeterred, Judy closed the bet with a third raise.

Showdown: The three of them, Judy, Helene, and Jeff, respectively, open their greeting cards. They each have the same “winning” hand: Quad Kings with kicker Ace. The pot is divided into three ways. You may ask: Who won all the money? They share a blind bet, and that’s it. But it sure was exciting, far from start to finish. Mind you, Judy is out of the way to pick up an entire pot of terrible: the King of Spades. One card can make a big difference in your results.

Even when you consider that there are 2,598,960 possible five-card poker decks, this one is really weird. Very rarely! But then it was just another dream.

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