Ukraine Wins First Bracelet

Ivan Constantin who fell next. She pushes off the button with Q Diamond Suit J Diamond Suit and looks up by A Club Suit K Florian Gaugusch Diamond Suit. The two players dropped a pair, but Gaugusch’s ace was the river’s best hand. Constantin earned $ 23,833 for his eighth show.

Wojciech Barzantny’s candidacy at this event ended when A Club Suit Q- His Heart Suit was unable to beat 10 Heart Suits10 Diamond Suits Stanley Topol. Neither player improved on the highest runout and Barzantny settled for $ 33,147 as a seventh place finisher.

Ivan Banic got an all-in with A Club Suit K Club Suit before A Heart Suit Q Christopher Putz Heart Suit. A queen-high flop saw Putz turn the table to take the lead, and two void in turn and river kept him ahead from there visit dewapoker. Banic was awarded $ 46,101 for finishing in sixth place. Putz also scored his next knockout, winning the fold with 9 Spades Suit 9 Club Suits against K Heart Suits Q Club Suits from Stanley Topol to send him home in fifth place ($ 64,117).

The next big confrontation featured a three-way all-in, with Matthew Train teetering as the first to act with A Heart Suit A Club Suit to kick off the action. It folded to Bystrovzorov in the small blind and he moved all-in with the 9 Diamond Suit 6 Heart Suit, looking to put pressure on Christopher Putz’s short pile in the big blind. Putz calls all-ins for less than 2 big blinds total holding A Diamond Suit 2 Club Suit. The board ran out J Diamond Suits6 Club Suits2 Diamond Suits J Heart Suits3 Diamond Suits and Train won the entire pot, eliminating Putz in fourth place in the process ($ 89,174).

Despite winning that huge pot, Train enters the three-handed game as the shortest stack. The hand that will be last is a certified preflop cooler, with Train running the pocket queen into king Bystrovzorov’s pocket. The bigger pocket pair lifted and Train hit the rails with $ 124,024 as a third-place finisher.

With that, Bystrovzorov took 69.5 million for a head-up play against Florian Gaugusch’s 46.9 million. Bystrovzorov was able to extend his lead to over 5: 1 when the last card was dealt. Bystrovzorov limped on from the buttons to 1,400,000 in the A Heart Suit7 A Spade Suit and Gaugusch was raised to 4,200,000 holding a Q Heart Suit Q a Diamond Suit. Bystrovzorov moved all over and Gaugusch quickly called an all-in for about 12.6 million. Runout A Club Suit 8 Heart Suit 8 Club Suit 3 Diamond Suit 6 Diamond Suit gave Bystrovzorov a pair of winning aces to secure the pot and title. Gaugusch was awarded $ 172,493 for his runner-up position.